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The Good, the Bad, and the History by Jodi Taylor

The Good, the Bad, and the History by Jodi Taylor

I'm so glad I started listening to the Chronicles of St. Mary's series a few years ago. I was initially drawn in by the title of the first book, which is Just One Damned Thing After Another. I'd decided to go the audiobook route (probably because I had a credit, there wasn't anything else I desperately wanted at the time, and the title was intriguing).

I enjoyed the book enough to go on to the next, and the next. Without giving away any spoilers, the third book in the series ended with a "holy crap!" moment, and I absolutely devoured book four. I've been completely hooked ever since.

The newest title in the series, The Good, the Bad, and the History, is the fourteenth novel, but trust me, fourteen books is not nearly enough. If you're like me, you'll never want the series to end.

That said, I will say that a part of me longs for the earlier books, even as I listen to the new one. Why? Because after fourteen books and several short stories, a lot of things have changed. Some people have died or moved on, the people and situations around the main character have changed, and while what's happening in the present book is exciting, I sort of long for "the good old days."

Even so, this installment of the series has been absolutely excellent, and as always, Jodi Taylor has the ability to put her characters in the absolute worst situations and then somehow get them out again. Sprinkled throughout is her wonderful humor, as well as surreal and tender moments. One scene in particular near the end of this book gave me chills. (I've gotten chills several times just thinking about it).

As always, by the time I got to the end of the book, it felt much too short. Based on how she ended it, I'm not sure if there will be a next one (I really hope there is!) At the very least, there will be one more Christmas short story, so I have that to look forward to.

Now to catch up on her Time Police novels...

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