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The Sleeping God Cover.jpg

When Kael's village is attacked by flying black monsters and his god is killed, he is sent by the elders to consult the Oracle, the only one who can give his people the answers they seek. But they aren't the only ones having problems. The black creatures have attacked all across the land, killing humans and gods alike, and the Oracle has shut herself away. Lyra is a student at one of the many music schools in the capital, and when Kael shows up in the library where she works looking for answers, she feels compelled to help him. Together they will travel across the land, seeking a god that may or may not exist.

Unfortunately, New Realm Magazine closed its doors in 2017 and pulled all issues of the magazine from Amazon. You can receive a free copy of my story by subscribing to my newsletter below.

short stories, gods, magic, fantasy, fantasy books, fantasy authors, magic, J.H. Fleming, New Realm Magazine, author j.h. fleming, the sleeping god
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