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The Ballad of the Bard
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Eliott is a bard seeking material for his next song. When he hears of the Ageless Man of Screaming Rock, he knows he's found exactly what he needs to write his next hit. But the Ageless Man's tale is a dark one, beginning several centuries before with four sisters, all gifted in various types of magic. What Eliott gets is a story of love, magic, and betrayal of the darkest kind. Find out that story in THE AGELESS MAN OF SCREAMING ROCK by J. H. Fleming. From Pro Se Productions.

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Eliott searches for material for his next song, which leads him to another village with a mysterious house. A house where the laws of time hold no sway. No one and nothing can be trusted, not even his own mind. If he's not careful, he'll find himself trapped there. Forever.


This story was published in Blood Moon Rising: It's About Time, and is available in ebook format as a free download.

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