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Announcing J.H.'s Book Blog

When I created my Patreon a few years ago, I stopped making posts for this blog. I didn't have the time or energy to come up with content for both, and duplicating every post didn't sound like fun, either. So I retired this blog and have been focusing on Patreon and my newsletter.

However, I recently had the idea that I might like to share more details about books I'm reading. My newsletter covers multiple topics, with sometimes the barest overview of whatever I'm reading. I'm currently posting once a week on Patreon as well, and it can also cover a variety of topics.

But I thought that here, I might be able to simply focus on books, and really delve into them (if I'm in the mood).

I mostly read fantasy books, with the occasional general fiction novel (such as the works of Kate Morton, Mark Helprin, or Alice Hoffman). Some books might also fit the supernatural or horror genres better than fantasy (such as the works of Christina Henry). But if those are your sorts of books, I hope you'll stick around.


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