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What I'm Reading: The Radiant Road

I haven't really shared this sort of thing before, but I'm always reading something, so I figure I'd tell you all about it. Perhaps it'll inspire some of you to give the books a try.

I'm currently listening to The Radiant Road by Katherine Catmull on Audible. For those who don't know, Audible sells and produces audiobooks and other audio media (they have some radio and TV programs, as well as some magazines and newspapers).

The book follows Clare, a nearly fifteen-year-old girl who was born in Ireland, but moved with her dad when she was six, after her mom died. We're given the impression she's lived in many places, but when the story picks up she and her dad are moving back to Ireland from Texas, after having been gone for nine years.

And did I mention there are fairies? There are fairies.

I'm only three chapters in, but I'm already in love with the story. That's probably not too surprising, considering it involves Ireland and fairies.

If you want to check it out, you can find a copy here.

This is also the same author who wrote Summer and Bird, another of my favorite books, and also highly recommended.

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