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The Queen of Thorn and Ivy, book 3 of The Call of the Fae series

More Magic, Mayhem, and Mystery from J.H. Fleming’s CALL OF THE FAE—

Still reeling from her recent discoveries, Birdie withdraws into herself, barely aware of the world around her. Concerned, Goose heads to the Summer Court to look for answers. There, she finds a trail of breadcrumbs that she hopes will lead her to the answer she seeks:

How to get rid of the giramman.

When Birdie realizes Goose is gone, she sets out on her own quest to get rid of the monster. At Elin’s suggestion, she visits the ancient home of Morgana le Fae, who is somehow tied to the creature. A journal written in a strange alphabet leads her back to the Seelie Court—where Queen Mab is still looking for her—and then north to the Summer Court.

Meanwhile, Goose has been having her own adventures, and thinks she may have found the one person who can help her discover where the giramman came from.

But the giramman has no intention of going anywhere, and far too late the girls realize that Elin Morda has her own plans. Soon, all the pieces will fall into place.

THE QUEEN OF THORN AND IVY-Book Three of the CALL OF THE FAE series by author J. H. Fleming. From Pro Se Productions.

This book also includes the short story, "The Home of Forgotten Companions."

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