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The Queen of Blood and Madness, J.H. Fleming

The Queen of Blood and Madness, book 2 of The Call of the Fae series

When Birdie and Goose receive an invitation to the coronation of Queen Mabwyn, Birdie is afraid the past is about to repeat itself. The last thing she needs is another faery queen trying to control her. Still, she goes, willing to give Mabwyn the benefit of the doubt.

She didn't expect to find the remains of murdered faeries.

But Mabwyn isn't what Birdie expected. Not only does she want Birdie and Goose to extend pe
ace to both Queen Sylvane and Elin Morda on her behalf, she wants them to investigate the murdered faeries.

Birdie reluctantly agrees, and along with Pip and Mr. Chezelwhip, the girls set out for the Unseelie Court. A stop at the Archives renews Goose's determination to help her treekin friend, Pwyll, who's slowly losing himself within his own mind. But to help him, they'll have to restore the Mirror of Memory, and the only faery who has some knowledge of it is Queen Sylvane.

To help her friend and see the murderer brought to justice, Birdie is ready to do just about anything--even join the Unseelie Court.

This book also includes the short story, "Shadow Sister."

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