Visionary Tongue

Founder and original editor Storm Constantine has revisited every issue of the ground-breaking magazine Visionary Tongue to select the very best stories and poems to appear in its pages across a twelve year period, more than thirty in all, including early stories from some of the UK genre scene's biggest names.

Introduction: Giving Voice to the Visionary Tongue – Storm Constantine
A Photocopier and a Giant Stapler – Louise Coquio
The Sin Taker – Katherine Roberts
Pumpkin Man – David Rain
Tides – Tanya Brown
The Gift of Flight – Eden Crain
In That Unquiet Earth – Chris Amies
Mad Love – Ray Girvan
A Traveller Meets One of the Minotaur’s Younger Brothers – Justina Robson
The Bull Leapers – Justina Robson
A Tale from the End of the World – Fiona McGavin
See You Later – Suzanne Gyseman    
Ptolemy’s Recording – Jamie Spracklen
Finding Mary – Tim Lebbon
The Arena – Lachesis January
The King of Hearts & the Jack of Frowns – Jason Gould
Succubus – Chris Green
Dancing Day – Liz Williams
Storm – Sian Kingstone
Deities – Austin McCarron
The House by the Lake – Lisa Pallin
Awakening – Isabel Taylor
The Satanic Sex Machines of Dr Zhinn – William Eve
An Angel’s Effigy – Dylan Kinnett
Sympathy for the Devil – Paul Whyte
Forgotten Sounds – Simon Williams
Luncheon with the Last of a Kind – Colin James
Féa – Janine Jones
The Magus of Inner London – Austin McCarron
Collector of Broken Things – Lauren Halkon
Toe in Water, Hand in Flame – Brian Maycock
What You Came For – Jaine Fenn
The Heroic Acts of Strangers – Ian Whates
Chess – David Graham
Casamundi – Douglas Thompson
The Lady of the Fog – J.H. Fleming
Mother Mary – A. N. Calaway
Appendix 1: Lex Visionaria – Jamie Spracklen
Appendix 2: The Female Fool – Donna Scott


"The Lady of the Fog" was originally published in Visionary Tongue Magazine, Issue 27.

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