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Rhythms of Magic, J.H. Fleming, fantasy author, fantasy book, magic, indie books, author j.h. fleming, pro se productions

Rhythms of Magic

Tessa is in her sophomore year of college when she decides she needs time to figure out what she wants to do with her life. She drops out of all her classes and heads home, much to her mother’s chagrin. What is to come, though, will not only reveal much about Tessa’s destiny, but also threaten the existence of her world…and others. Joining a band, Tessa discovers that one of her bandmates, Melly, is very special. Melly is from the Four Realms, a world where music is magic. The magic is powered by four Great Trees, and one of them has started dying. Tessa, Melly, and other members of the band, Keira and Zeke, travel to the Realms to try to help save it. What the friends discover is that the Trees are dying due to a being known as Tefalen weaving disharmony into their lifesong. Determined to stop Tefalen and restore life to the Trees, Tessa embarks on a journey that involves magic, music, and the mysteries of time. Having returned home to find the path for her life, Tessa encounters love, wonder, and danger in a whole new world as she finds herself moving to the Rhythms of Magic.

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