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Peter Pixie

Peter Pixie, Mayor of the Multiverse: The Black Wand

To the world at large, Peter Pixie is an amazing personality fighting for what’s right within and outside various fandoms. For the first time, though, Author JH Fleming and Pro Se Productions reveal yet another way that Peter Pixie helps not only this world, but many across multiple dimensions. This and more in the first book in the PETER PIXIE, MAYOR OF THE MULTIVERSE line in Pro Se’s YOUNGPULP! Imprint-THE BLACK WAND by JH Fleming.It's not easy being the Mayor of the Multiverse, but for Peter Pixie, it's more than a job; it's who he is. Rescuing those in need, recovering dangerous artifacts, bringing warring groups together--it's all in a day's work for Peter Pixie. When the Sky Marshal shows up at Peter's office with a tip about an item called the Black Wand, an artifact powerful enough to rip holes in reality, Peter takes off for the autumn planet of Toren to search for it. Unfortunately, he's not the only one with an interest in the wand. Soon after arriving, Peter comes across Genevieve, a young girl whose grandmother has gone missing. Never one to leave someone in need, Peter promises to help her--only to quickly realize that Genevieve and her grandmother are connected to the wand somehow. Time is running out, and the Daughters of Hecate, at first content to hide in the shadows, are beginning to move. Unless Peter finds the wand first, it could mean not only the end of Toren, but of the multiverse itself.PETER PIXIE, MAYOR OF THE MULTIVERSE: THE BLACK WAND by JH Fleming, with an introduction by Peter Pixie himself.

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