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Jack remembers being human, but that was long ago...

Now he's just a scarecrow, content to spend his days quietly sitting in his field and watching the clouds go by. He has but one friend, Evelyn, yet that is enough for a scarecrow with fleeting memories of his days as a man.

Until Evelyn makes a deal with a witch and is cursed to become a crow.

Together, crow and scarecrow must embark on a quest to break the curse and make Evelyn human once again.

It won't be easy, not with the witch's Hunter on the trail, intent on consuming their souls.

They'll meet allies along the way, but can one ever really trust the slyest of foxes? Or the intentions of mages? As the wolves rage their war across the land, Jack and Evelyn must brave constant danger from animals and humans alike. And the Hunter is ever on their trail.

To break a witch's curse, determination alone isn't enough. Sometimes, sacrifice is needed...

But are they willing to pay the price?

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