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Music the Gathering:

A Most Unusual Assassin

An Assassin, A Rider, & Strange Magic


Orselos isn't safe. War looms on the horizon while a mysterious creature roams the streets, kidnapping anyone foolish enough to wander out at night. The whole city is smothered in fear, and Music the Gathering has every intention of getting out of town as quickly as possible.


But when a strange assassin tries to kill the king, the trio finds themselves pulled into a dark conspiracy.


Marco's sense of duty drives him to help the king's guards hunt assassins. Liv's curiosity leads her to aid the local sorcerers' college in identifying a strange magic in the city. Azia's boredom gets her caught in a trap of a band of thieves, who aren't quite what she expects.


Darkness looms and time is running out. If neither the sorcerers nor the king's army can solve the mysteries surrounding the city, what hope does a trio of minstrels have?


Can Music the Gathering succeed where all others have failed? Or will they, too, fall to the evil lurking in Orselos?

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