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FINAL A Most Inconvenient Curse Front On

Music the Gathering:

A Most Inconvenient Curse

Music, Magic, & Mayhem


When a bird steal’s Azia’s voice, she and her traveling bard companions have little choice but to try and get it back. The journey won’t be an easy one as all paths lead to a cursed valley rife with fearsome beasts and other formidable dangers. There are enemies aplenty, but these bards are far from helpless.


Liv is a druid, as in tune with nature as she is in song. Marco is a warrior, as dangerous with his quarterstaff as he is with his violin. And Azia, well, she’s as quick-footed as she is hot-tempered, and deadly with both her drums and her daggers.


Together, the three of them must face dangers they never imagined.


Can the traveling trio beat the odds, survive the cursed valley, and get Azia’s voice back?


Music the Gathering has performed at countless Renaissance festivals, bringing music and laughter to people everywhere they go. For the first time, their characters are brought to life on the page in a full-length fantasy novel!

Find your copy on Amazon,, or at a Renaissance Festival near you!

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